The complete EXTENDED mix (2 hours 40 minutes) of electroclash mayhem. This mix was a true labor of love, designed to give a decent impression of what the hipster electro scene was really like back in the early 2000’s. It wasn’t just new tracks being played — there was a whole 80’s revival that happened, and this mix tries to capture the sounds that were in fashion, frequently mixed together, and influenced the sound of that time.

Some of the tracks included were specifically NOT popular and are impossible to stream today — but they were underground records that I played out myself, and eventually became collectibles on the secondhand vinyl market. Hopefully all the songs on here stand the test of time, or at least tell a good story.

Some of this mix reflects my time in London. Some parts pay homage to the parties we threw our senior year of college. Other parts reflect the four years I spent in NYC after graduating. You’ll notice there’s a mix of highbrow and lowbrow stuff on here — this is also intentional, because that’s what the parties were like at the time. It wasn’t uncommon to hear an obscure post-punk record next to the new Justin Timberlake record, or to hear a UK girl group covering a Chaka Khan song over a Human League sample. It was a time of convergence, for sure.


Recorded live on 29 May 2024 using (2) Technics 1200M3D, Rane MP2016 & XP2016, DBX 503, GSA ISO-3001.

Tracklist for June 5, 2024

Sparks – Tryouts For The Human Race (1979)
Mylo – Drop The Pressure (Dirty Club Mix) (2005)
Soulwax – Another Excuse (DFA Remix) (2005)
The Rapture – House Of Jealous Lovers (2002)
Toktok vs Soffy O. – Missy Queen’s Gonna Die (Original Mix) (2002)
New Order – Blue Monday (1983)
Goldfrapp – Train (Ewan Pearson 4/4 Vocal) (2003)
Joe Moreno vs. Evanz D – No More Electro (2005)
The Faint – The Conductor (Thin White Duke Mix) (2003)
Kissing The Pink – Mr. Blunt (Mixed For Feet) (1982)
Electric Six – Danger! High Voltage (Thin White Duke Remix) (2003)
Felix Da Housecat – Silver Screen Shower Scene (Static Revenger Mix) (2002)
Christopher & Raphael Just – Popper (Discotown Original) (2006)
Benny Benassi pres. The Biz – Satisfaction (Isak Original) (2003)
Andrea Doria – Bucci Bag (2003)
Cazals – To Cut A Long Story Short (Streetlife DJ’s Cut N’ Run Dub) (2007)
Duran Duran – Girls On Film (Night Version) (1981)
Miss Kitten & The Hacker – The Beach (2003)
Depeche Mode – A Pain That I’m Used To (Jacques Lu Cont Remix) (2005)
Pete Shelley – Homosapien (Elongated Dancepartydubmix) (1981)
Richard X vs. Liberty X – Being_Nobody (Main Mix) (2003)
Missy Elliott feat. Ludacris – Gossip Folks (Amended Version) (2002)
Crossover – Phostographt (2002)
Mirwais – Naïve Song (Original Version) (2000)
The Spencer Filipsson Experience – Happy (Love is Everywhere) (2003)
Kylie Minogue – Slow (Extended Mix) (2003)
Visage – Fade To Grey (Dance Mix) (1981)
Gorillaz – Dare (DFA Mix) (2005)
Lex – Fourteen Days (1983)
Annie – Chewing Gum (Mylo Remix) (2005)
Madonna – Into The Groove (Extended Remix) (1987)
Count Drake – Men Without Heads (2004)
Jeans Team – Keine Melodien (MJ Lan Mix Extended Version) (2001)
Justin Timberlake – SexyBack (2006)
A Certain Ratio – Shack Up (1981)
CSS – Let’s Make Love And Listen To Death From Above (Spank Rock Remix) (2006)
Big Face – I Wanna Be A Style Crusader (David E. Sugar’s Paradise Garage Mix) (2007)
!!! – Pardon My Freedom (Maurice Fulton Instrumental Mix) (2004)
The Gossip – Standing In The Way Of Control (2005)
Headman – Moisture (Headman Club Version) (2006)
Goose – Bring It On (2006)
Yello – Bostich (1981)
The Presets – Yippiyo-Ay (2008)
Talking Drums – Courage (1981)
Goldfrapp – Ride A White Horse (Ewan Pearson Disco Odyssey Parts 1 + 2) (2006)
Bent – Comin’ Back (Serge Santiágo Dub) (2004)
Mylo – In My Arms (King Unique Re-Edit) (2005)
Le Tigre – Deceptacon (DFA Remix) (2003)
The B-52’s – Mesopotamia (No Ears Acid Remix) (2006)
Plastic Head Band – Juice (The Little Beasties’ ‘I NEED Juice Mix’) (2003)
Tiga – Hot In Herre (Extended Version) (2003)
Alexkid with Lissette Alea – Come With Me (Llorca’s Dubindaclub) (2003)
Zongamin – Bongo Song (2005)
Tom Tom Club – Wordy Rappinghood (1981)
The League Unlimited Orchestra – Things That Dreams Are Made Of (1982)
Digitalism – Zdarlight (2005)
Cagedbaby – Hello There (The Presets Remix) (2006)

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