Looking to hire a retro vinyl event DJ in North Carolina?

Don Play is North Carolina’s disco mixer, host of “The Dance Megamix with Don Play” on 103.5 FM, frequent club DJ, and a “mobile” vinyl DJ serving Chapel Hill, Raleigh, and Durham (North Carolina’s Research Triangle).

He is available to spin records (yes, actual vinyl records) as an event DJ at private events, weddings, schools, and corporate functions.

100% Vinyl DJ, mixing since 1997

When it comes to live events, Don’s motto is “If it don’t weigh, it don’t play.”

For this reason, Don insists on staying true to the roots of the original mobile disco deejays — and that means hauling his beloved turntables and massive record collection to each and every gig, no matter how much ibuprofen it takes.

For you, the client, this means several things:

  • No distracting laptop screens killing the vibe of the party
  • No pre-programmed Top 40 sequences, air horn sirens, or corny mashups
  • No “jukebox churn” where the song changes every 30 seconds
  • Music curated based on your specific requests and preferences
  • Attention to sound quality and seamless blending that gets guests dancing
  • Full length 12″ mixes of the songs you love, as they were meant to be heard
  • A unique analog experience that stands out from the generic corporate DJ

Analog liquid light show

If your event is looking for something truly unique, Don Play now also offers a retro, analog liquid light show featuring moving projections that light up a room or outdoor space.

How does it work? Well, think of a colorful, moving lava lamp or a hypnotic psychedelic pattern. Now imagine those vibrant moving colors and organic patterns projected at scale onto your physical environment — on surfaces such as walls, ceilings, or screens. Custom gobo designs and liquid wheels can be produced with advance notice.

About Don Play

Don has spun records at nightclubs, private events, weddings, universities and high schools, and corporate functions since 1997. He is an avid record collector and radio host, in addition to producing live events in his other professional life.

Some of Don’s private event highlights include:

  • He has played at popular nightclub venues in Boston, Detroit, New York, and North Carolina
  • DJed multiple 3,000+ person corporate events, opening for En Vogue and Morris Day and The Time
  • Performed at fundraisers and non-profit organizations such as Planned Parenthood South Atlantic and the Detroit Derby Girls
  • DJed numerous weddings from Cape Cod to Chicago to Paris, including one wedding where he inspired the Governor of the State of New York to dance to Q-Tip
  • Performing at private events with multicultural music priorities — Dominican Republic (merengue, salsa), Algeria (räi, French-Algerian hip-hop), Germany (new wave), Serbia (Serbian pop), Mexico (Mexican 80’s pop), etc.

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