South African Afro-Rock (1966-1986)

This time we go back… way back… back into once upon a time in South Africa, when black musicians began playing western style afro-rock, soul, funk, jazz, and disco. Sometimes it was called “monkey jive,” and other times “Soweto soul.” But whatever people chose to call it, the music from this era was, and remains, undeniably awesome.

Working within the inhumane confines of apartheid, the musicians of this era nevertheless produced socially conscious music that bridged tribal differences, brought folks together in social environments, all while eluding the harsh censorship and separate development laws on the books. The music produced was nothing short of revolutionary.

Many of the musicians featured here have recently passed on, but their legacy deserves to endure forever.

A lot of the South African afro-rock tracks played here are EXTREMELY rare and you will not hear them anywhere else. My love for the band Harari has allowed me to branch out and find related afro-rock descendants of their musical tree. Today I share some of my vinyl findings with you.

Tracklist for August 15, 2018

01 :: The Beaters – Thiba Kamoo [The Sun]
02 :: Harari – Senyamo [Gallo]
03 :: Marumo – Khomo Tsaka Deile Kae? [Spades]
04 :: Sir Alton – Veredjina [Black Talent Music]
05 :: The Beaters – Mashala [CBS]
06 :: The Beaters – Every Day [Dawn]
07 :: Saitana – Soweto [JAS Pride]
08 :: The Soul Throbs – Little Girl [Soul Soul]
09 :: The Crackers – Osizini [Masterpiece]
10 :: The Movers – She Loves You [City Special]
11 :: Philip Mallela – Sunny Day [Black Soul]
12 :: The Disco Cats – Sweet Words [Reprise Records]
13 :: Kenny’s Razmataz – It’s A Gas [Atlantic]
14 :: Kabasa – Happy Together [Atlantic]
15 :: Harari – Party [Gallo]
16 :: Saitana – Love Fever [Black Music]
17 :: Umoja – 707 [Awesome Tapes From Africa]
18 :: Harari – Playing For People [Rufaro]
19 :: Kabasa – Pickin’ Up The Pieces [Atlantic]
20 :: Masike Mohapi – Standing On The Top [Raintree Records]
21 :: Manana – Afro Funky [Drum Rock]
22 :: Kabasa – Kabasa [Atlantic]
23 :: Harari – Feeling Restless [Gallo]
24 :: Batsumi – Toi Toi [Matsuli Music]
25 :: Hugh Masekela Introducing Hedzoleh Soundz – Languta [Blue Thumb Records]

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